Saving for Retirement -The Future Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

retirement-savingNo other word in our vocabulary has more of an impact or requires further discussion than RETIREMENT. Say it to friends and family and there are multiple questions to answer. When, why, where are asked but usually the person thinking of retiring does not have specific ideas. They don’t respond, “I’m buying a manor house in the south of France in 2025 and painting landscapes all day.” For most people retirement is not a well-planned decision; they enter it like other important stages in their lives and play it by ear. Retirement is not a usual topic for family discussion until too late. Couples talk about getting married and having children, buying their first house together, taking summer vacations, sending the kids to college but the topic of retirement is a toxic one. Most business owners have established their businesses to continue without their direct help, but as an employee when that last paycheck goes to the bank; the retiree and his family are in a new precarious and unchartered position in life.


Start Saving for Retirement Today

Retirement and savings are two words joined together but often not discussed. In polite society, you are not supposed to discuss religion or how much money anyone makes; saving for retirement could be added to that list.


Explore the Full Range of Investment Options

There is a simple solution to the problem of retirement. To retire, the retiree and his family must have sufficient investments, including business income, profits earned from rental property, income earned from stock dividends and bond interests. No matter what age, the individual or the couple need to map out their investment strategy for the present day and extrapolate it out 10, 20, 30 or more years into the future. See:Your text to link…


Lifestyles and Commitments to Work and Community Are Critical

Saving must begin at the earliest possible age and be continued throughout life. When a young person begins his career, he can choose to enjoy his new earned funds or he can choose to invest the maximum often using an automatic savings plan or stock sharing plan at his place of work. There are great advantages to beginning to save early in one’s career; the most important is the commitment for the future. Save until it hurts, don’t explode on your now available credit, stay at home instead of going spending money lavishly, read or research in your time away from work, volunteer at local agencies. If you can live without television, do it. Adopt a cat, a dog, build up the beauty of your home by maintaining it and use elbow grease to make it a place your friends will like to visit. Break the social conventions and talk about investments opportunities with friends, be aware of properties for sale in a neighborhood you admire, buy a home with the idea of renting it out at some time in the future.


Rules for Retirement Success

1) Save a percentage of your money from every paycheck.

2) Invest your savings in vehicles that will provide the best return.

3) Set a date for your earliest anticipated retirement.

4) Discover the geographic area which suits your tastes.

5) Take an active role in your investing program. If you buy stock in a company, read their quarterly reports. If you own a rental investment property, stay connected with the renters.

6) Dream; do it right and you can afford that manor home in the south of France.

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