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Market and Happiness A Market for Self-and Collective Identities: the Fashion Industry Between Conventional and Relational Goods Abstract
Emanuela Mora, Marco Ricchetti, Fabio Guenza
Market and Happiness A Scitovskyian theory of well-being Abstract
Maurizio Pugno
Happiness and Relational Goods A theoretical analysis of the relationship between social capital and corporate social responsibility: modelling cognitive social capital and CSR as preconditions for sustainable networks of cooperative relations Abstract
Giacomo Degli Antoni, Lorenzo Sacconi
Market and Happiness A theory of distributive justice for social and market interaction Abstract
Luis zemborain
Market and Happiness Adaptation, Anticipation and Social Interaction in Happiness: An Integrated Error-Correction Approach Abstract
Gulcin Mentesoglu, Maarten Vendrik
Market and Happiness Alcohol consumption and happiness: an empirical analysis using Russian panel data Abstract
Sophie Massin, Pierre Kopp
Happiness and Relational Goods An empirical study for happiness, mutual advantages and human progress Abstract
Joshua Teng, Robert Sugden
Market and Happiness Aristotle vs. the Economists: Attaining Public Happiness by Economizing Virtue or by Economizing Vice? Abstract
Dotan Leshem
Happiness and Relational Goods Autonomy-support supervisor and sense of community: their role in fostering happiness Abstract
Maria Elena Magrin, marta scrignaro, Veronica Viganò
Happiness and Relational Goods Basic Income and Relational Goods: Consequences for Impact and Design Abstract
richard hule
Market and Happiness Beyond well-being and happiness: The moral market and the ‘good life’ Abstract
Adrian Pabst
Happiness and Relational Goods Boon or Bane? Others’ Unemployment, Well-being and Job Insecurity Abstract
Andreas Knabe
Happiness and Relational Goods Bowling Alone, Drinking Together Abstract
Paolo Buonanno, Paolo Vanin
Market and Happiness Can Germans hope that economic growth will make them happier one day? An analysis of the Easterlin Hypothesis using German panel data Abstract
Tobias Pfaff, Johannes Hirata
Happiness and Relational Goods Can Religion Insure against Aggregate Shocks to Happiness? The Case of Transition Countries Abstract
Olga Popova
Market and Happiness Can virtuous institutions crowd out selfish preferences in a market environment? An experimental investigation Abstract
Lorenzo Sacconi, Marco Faillo, Gianluca Grimalda
Market and Happiness Can ‘happiness politics’ promote civil virtues? Abstract
Christian Schubert
Market and Happiness Capabilities and Happiness or Why No Child is Happy Abstract
James Bernard Murphy
Market and Happiness Capabilities, Intrinsic Motivation and Subsistence. Is the Institution of a Basic Income Enabling Happy Decisions in the Job Market? Abstract
Antonia Hillebrand
Market and Happiness Civic Virtues, Human Capabilities, and Public Happiness: The Lesson of Italian Classical School Abstract
Luca Sandonà
Market and Happiness Civil Company, Common Good, Life-Time and Work-Time Abstract
Cristina Montesi
Market and Happiness Closet Cardinalists: Come out and Be Proud! Abstract
Svetoslav Danchev
Happiness and Relational Goods Cognitivism: reflections from the XVIII century literature in political economy. Abstract
Pierluigi Porta
Market and Happiness Core components of opposite views: methodology and ethics within economics. Abstract
Angela Ambrosino, Roberto Burlando
Market and Happiness Cultural consumption and activation costs: The museum as a setting for pro-active cognitive skills building Abstract
Pier Luigi Sacco, Guido Ferilli
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