International Review of Economics

The International Review of Economics has recently been renewed with the intent of making it the reference point for scholars interested in topics covered by the past and present conferences organized by HEIRs.

We plan to publish a selection of papers from the conference as a special issue of the International Review of Economics. However we hope that scholars attending the conference will consider the IREC as a valuable venue for all their future work. The review is published by Springer Verlag.    The editor of the Review is  Pier Luigi Porta (University of Milan-Bicocca). Moreover Luigino Bruni and Luca Stanca are co-editors. The Board of Associates includes Robert Frank, Erik Angner, Bruno Frey, Michele Grillo, Stefano Zamagni.  

Its main focus, as a  peer-reviewed  scholarly journal, is directed to hosting high-quality empirical, theoretical and policy oriented contributions with an emphasis on rationality and reciprocity issues, including applications to welfare and happiness, capabilities, development, formal and informal institutions, interpersonal relationships, economic dynamics, development, the history of economic thought,  civil economy, and experimental economics.

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