Happy People Make More Money

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Currently, there are a lot of disparities in compensation for jobs. A major concern is the gender pay gap; there has been a clear trend that women are paid less than men for the same jobs. Plus, in many states, people are working to raise the minimum wage to a liveable salary. Even though all of these issues are important, it’s pretty clear that state of mind has a huge impact on the amount of money people make.


Case in point: a research paper from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America found a trend between adolescents and young people who said they were satisfied with their lives and the amount of money that they made years later. This satisfaction was linked to a significantly higher income.


Though, in a lot of instances people think that it’s the opposite: having more money will lead to more happiness. The results of a distinctive study by Princeton aligned with this idea. Happiness levels rise with more income–up to a point. The increasing happiness levels cap out at a salary of $75,000 per year.


While many people make a salary that is lower than $75,000, it’s still valuable to work toward feeling fulfilled. No matter what your current salary is, it pays to add some happiness into your life (both in terms of getting raises and feeling good overall). Try to work these tips into your life.


Be Friendly and Open


The fact is, people want to be around others who radiate kindness and positive energy. Those are the kinds of characteristics that employers want to keep at their companies. So, be social with your co-workers. Ask them to grab coffee to brainstorm solutions or bring some of your tried and tested delicious cookies to share. It doesn’t have to be exactly these things. The point is to break out of staying in a cubicle all day long.


Adopt a Solutions-Driven Mindset


In the workplace, it can be easy to find things to complain about. Sure, venting can help you express your feelings and commiserate with your co-workers, but what happens after? Employers love employees who are innovative and can dream up and implement amazing solutions. The next time you feel the urge to complain, think about how the situation could be improved and take steps to make it happen.


Reframe Your Thoughts


It isn’t uncommon for people to get feedback at their jobs. Whatever the feedback is, it can viewed in a variety of ways. Instead of dwelling on shortcomings, the happiest people embrace feedback and use it as an opportunity to grow. Plus, self-reflection and reframing thoughts provide an excellent foundation for discovering solutions! (Note: this idea applies to thoughts outside of feedback, too, like feeling tired or agitated.)


Accept That it’s OK Not to Be Happy All the Time


While being happy is undoubtedly a desirable trait, it certainly can’t be maintained 24/7 for years. Life happens, and sometimes eating a ton of ice cream is necessary. Just be kind to yourself.


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