Clinton on Economics


“I am with her and I am fired up!”, President Barack Obama exclaimed. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton has just received an endorsement from the man she hopes to replace next January. President Barack Obama has held off on endorsing either one of the two primary Democratic front runners to not place a bias on an already tight race. Bernard “Bernie” Sanders and Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton were both hoping to receive the go ahead nod from the current sitting president as his opinion has a very heavy influence with voters that will be on the fence in an already close contest. With her deep background as the first lady and secretary of state the president believes that she would be the most fit person to lead the country in all aspects. As an economist, are you “with her”?
In order to see if you are hopping on the Clinton bandwagon you have to know her stances on the economy. Does she want to raise taxes? Does she want to provide more tax credits? Where does she want to use our tax dollars and what value will come out of such an investment? The answers to these questions should be able to help evaluate who you will vote for this coming november.

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton wants to help middle and lower class families through tax credits so they can manage the higher costs that are increasing all across the nation. She wants to stimulate the economy by providing tax relief to small businesses and to working families. Clinton believes that by enabling small businesses and working families the overall economy will improve as a whole. Large businesses shouldn’t be the only companies that receive tax relief and subsidies. It creates a barrier to entry for the small businesses that are going against companies that have a more efficient business model’s due to economies of scale and economies of scope. Couple that with having to pay a higher percentage of tax in comparison to these corporations and it is clear to see that the competition is skewed in favor of large businesses. Shifting tax credits and focusing on enabling small businesses success will tremendously help the economy from a monetary point of view as well as a cultural point of view. Small businesses are intimate with their community on many more levels than a corporation is. They also can react to a community’s needs much quicker than a large and slow bureaucratic company. Stimulating small businesses is good for the local neighborhoods as well as large businesses alike. Clinton believes that this type of economic stimulus will bear more fruits for the American people.

Clinton wants to bring tax cuts and credits to working families and small businesses and as an economist, you should be “with her”. Her policy on economics is a fresh take on the age old question of how do you stimulate the economy the quickest. Helping small businesses in turn helps working families by creating new jobs. The creation of new jobs creates more WORKING families. This is certainly a cycle that Clinton believes in and will be at the forefront of this movement if elected president.

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